With Singing In Mind was established in April 2015 as an initiative in Kendal working with people who live with a neurodegenerative condition such as Motor Neurone Disease, Dementia, Stroke, & Parkinson's disease. We work mainly through SINGING, and we sing as a GROUP. Voices are so innately personal and unique and they offer us a remarkable avenue for self expression and communication. Group singing is physically non-invasive and the bond of singing together can help alleviate isolation and create a sense of belonging.

There is an average attendance of 35 persons which include carers & family support members.

The group meets every Monday at Hallgarth Community Centre Kendal   Afternoons 1:30pm-3:30pm



Further information please contact 

 Eddie Harrison Sec  01539 724410 or 07887713205  or  e-mail                           wsim130415@gmail.com 

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