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Here are a few extracts from feedback received by us


One gentleman would sit, holding onto his beanbag until his wife

would take it from him and throw it into the basket.



There is a wonderful lady with dementia who sometimes start singing out of nowhere and we do all join in.


 My husband can’t be left alone so making new friends,

accessing what is around has been hard in a new place

so this group is a lifeline and friendships are growing.


Mum suffers mild vascular dementia and she and I have gone through many difficult times lately, but your WSIM sessions make wonderful respite for both of us.


The skills of the person leading the music are way beyond just singing. She is great fun and gives us all a good laugh - even giggles. She is very aware of the relationships, moods, and needs of everyone present.



Our weekly welcome song composed by the leader is absolutely how it is “Welcome everyone, glad that you are here. Singing out and bringing about good cheer. Good company you’ll find when you meet with singing in mind.”

I'd like to say how much of an influence this group has had on me personally.  I am not a well person, I have chronic depression, body dismorphia,  severe anxiety and psychosis where I hear voices that tell me to damage myself.  I self-harm, have been sectioned, and generally struggle through life.  This singing group has changed me as a person.  I am now happier and more confident because of this.




The group is filled with so much positive energy it is impossible to ignore it, everybody is happy, friendly and makes you feel included.  I can't sing at all but it doesn't matter! I enjoy belting it out and learning new songs.  You can't feel down when there is so much positive reinforcement around you, the arm movements and activities keep you moving,

The following is a letter personally written from one of our attendees, (For protection her surname has been removed)

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